Client Saved from Federal Prosecution

December, 2019—For almost two years, Mark Foster represented a client who had been served with a “target letter” by the U.S. Department of Justice. When the U.S. Attorney’s Office notifies a person that they are a target of a federal investigation, they intend to indict him on federal criminal charges. In this case, Foster’s client was informed that the government intended to indict him on conspiracy, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice charges.

The client was adamant that he was innocent. This was a complex case involving numerous people and complicated investment activities. Foster worked through the client’s information and prepared a detailed presentation to the government demonstrating that the government’s belief in his client’s guilt was mistaken.

The government eventually realized they could not prove the case and informed Foster that they would not indict his client. The client was able to carry on his life during the investigation and retain his job. He avoided prosecution and is now free of suspicion.

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