NC Pre-Indictment Investigations

It is never too early to retain a criminal defense attorney. If you suspect that a criminal investigation may lead to a criminal charge, you need an experienced, highly skilled pre-indictment investigations attorney on your side. Attorney Mark Foster has many years of experience representing clients in pre-indictment investigations.

His objective is to provide you with the best representation possible, which this means quickly assessing the status of the prosecution’s investigation to determine what steps can be taken to avoid indictment. He will protect your rights with a thorough investigation of the facts and sound legal counsel based on experience and judgment. If needed, he is a zealous advocate for his clients at trial.

What is a Pre-Indictment Investigation?

Individuals who may be suspected of being involved in a crime are at a critical juncture. In situations where a crime has allegedly been committed but no charges have yet been brought, law enforcement officers and prosecutors may be undertaking efforts to gather sufficient evidence to charge someone with the crime. The most common tactic is to approach the suspect in a so-called “voluntary contact” where law enforcement is not required to advise you of your Miranda rights because you are not in custody.  The most important thing to do is to consult with a criminal defense attorney before answering any questions.  At the completion of such a pre-indictment investigation, a prosecutor may choose either to press charges or decline to prosecute. Having a seasoned North Carolina pre-indictment investigations attorney is absolutely necessary to ensure the best possible outcome, which can include halting the entire investigation and indictment process.

You need to be protected from the various tactics used by investigators, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers to obtain leverage against you. Mark Foster is a former prosecutor who uses his experience to benefit his clients fighting an investigation or indictment.

Staying a Step Ahead of Prosecutors

With so much of your life at stake, Attorney Foster is ready to assist you. He will do his own research into the evidence that pertains to your case, and he will negotiate with prosecutors when it is appropriate. He will provide his seasoned advice as to whether or not it is to your benefit to tell your side of the story to law enforcement officers.  If you decide to speak with law enforcement officers, he will work to ensure that the interrogators do not unfairly turn the case against you or set you up.

Mark Foster has handled thousands of cases across a broad spectrum of criminal defense. He knows what takes place during the pre-indictment investigation process. You must protect yourself, and you can do that with an experienced criminal defense attorney behind you.

Legal issues Attorney Foster can help with:

  • Assault
  • Criminal Damage
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Drug Crimes
  • Felony Charges
  • Fraud
  • Harassment
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Pre-Charge/Pre-Indictment Representation
  • Probation Violations
  • Reckless Driving
  • Sex Crimes

Attorney Foster is aggressive, thorough and dedicated. Contact him today and let his extensive 35 years of legal experience work to protect your rights. An initial consultation is complimentary. He is admitted to practice law in all North Carolina state and federal courts, and is eligible to be specially admitted to any federal court nationwide.

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